Free Placement Option

Place your cremated remains at Cypress Lawn absolutely free.

Come see how a community asset can become your asset…

Here at Cypress Lawn we have a place for you. And unlike other final resting places for cremated remains, here there is no charge.

Cypress Lawn is a non-profit public benefit corporation maintained for the good of the community. Regardless of the funeral home used for cremation, you can now have free, permanent placement of cremated remains at one of the most renowned properties you’ll ever discover. At any time, you can upgrade to options to more eloquently honor a life well lived.

Preserving your family legacy at Cypress Lawn is an amazing way to celebrate a life. And, it’s absolutely free. Suddenly taking cremated remains home doesn’t do justice to a beautiful memory. Take your time and think it through.

With the natural grieving period lasting about two years, many families change their minds on what to do with cremated remains. The choice of immediately scattering is a permanent decision you may regret. So, we allow you to leave cremated remains on our premises at no charge until you make a final decision. If you eventually choose an option other than Cypress Lawn, the cremated remains can be released back to you. We’ll not only respect your decision, we won’t charge you for the space.

Should you eventually realize, like so many do, there is no better place than Cypress Lawn, we can show you many ways to memorialize your loved one’s memory.


Archive your memories at no cost.

Don’t let natural disasters turn into personal disasters.

Now when you place cremated remains at Cypress Lawn, we’ll provide space within our Digital Archives. Yet again, another free service at our breathtaking location. It’s a fabulous way to record and share a personal life story, family legacy, generational family tree, ethical will, family portraits or touching videos. We are the Bay Area’s safest option for securing and preserving your family’s history. Guarded from fires, earthquakes and other disasters. Peace of mind in a truly peaceful place.

The Digital Archives here on the grounds are also supported by the largest endowment care fund in Northern California. That ensures your family memories will remain at Cypress Lawn for future generations to view. It’s your permanent place in history.