Cremation with Confidence™

Choose the Cypress Lawn Cremation Society and gain peace of mind in knowing your loved one never leaves our care. Many cremation providers outsource cremation services to third party providers. We are different. We own and operate our own crematory and are the only provider in the area to offer a 10-step cremation process backed by our Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee. Our 10-step process is designed to provide a system of checks and balances to ensure the cremated remains returned to you are in fact those of your loved one. We treat your loved one with respect and dignity and offer your family the chance to celebrate the life before or after the cremation process.

1. The surviving family, friends or authority calls the Cypress Lawn Cremation Society. Our caring staff is at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

2. Cypress Lawn Cremation Society removes the deceased from the home, hospital, convalescent home, or other location and a unique indestructible ID is placed on the deceased.

3. The deceased person is held at Cypress Lawn in a secure and dignified refrigerated holding facility until the time of cremation.

4. Cypress Lawn Cremation Society prepares the death certificate, disposition permit, and other necessary records and consults with the family or responsible party.

5. Family or friends contact Cypress Lawn to make financial arrangements, unless there was a paid Pre-Arrangement Plan in place.

6. The Society takes the death certificate to the doctor for the cause of death and files it with the County Health Department.

7. The deceased person with ID is placed in a cremation container and is transferred by our own staff to our own on-site crematory.

8. Cremation takes place under the direction of our licensed, professional crematory staff. Cremation is usually three to five days after death.

9. 100% of the recoverable cremated remains are carefully placed in either a temporary or permanent urn for final disposition as directed by the family.

10. If desired, Cypress Lawn Cremation Society can assist in planning commemorative services* (either before or after the cremation) to celebrate the life of your loved one. Such services provide an opportunity to gather with friends for support and the sharing of memories.

*At additional cost.